Update Prusa i3 MK3S+ firmware from OctoPi using the OctoPrint-FirmwareUpdater Plugin

Step for step instructions to update the firmware of the Prusa i3 MK3S+ using OctoPrint and the FirmwareUpdater Plugin.

Installation (only once)

  1. Install FirmwareUpdater Plugin

  2. Install avrdude on the RaspberryPi, which is used for flashing

    • ssh into octopi e.g. ssh pi@octopi.local
    • install avrdude sudo apt install avrdude
  3. Set FirmwareUpdater Plugin Settings

    • Settings > Plugins > open FirmwareUpdater Plugin
    • Click wrench on top right
    • Set following settings:

      • Flash method: avrdude (Atmel AVR Family)
      • AVR MCU: ATmega2560
      • Path to avrdude: /usr/bin/avrdude (we installed it in step 2)
      • AVR Programmer Type: wiring

Update firmware

  1. Check firmware on your printer: Menu > support
  2. Download latest Firmware: https://www.prusa3d.com/drivers/
  3. extract .hex file from downloaded zip
  4. Open FirmwareUpdater Plugin
  5. ...from file > Browse > and select .hexfile
  6. click Flash from file - and wait ...
  7. Done - check firmware again on your printer under Menu > support