# Diskstation

Backup Home Assistant data to a Diskstation using rsync

How to setup rsync on a Synology Diskstation and use it to backup data from Home Assistant to the NAS.


Power on and off Diskstation with Home Assistant

I use my Synology Diskstation mainly as a backup device. Therefore it does not need to run all the time. In the past I configured a Power schedule directly within the Diskstation. It would turn on at a certain time and power off every night. Now I wanted a smarter behaviour e.g. I would like to automatically turn on the Diskstation when I come home, so my Smartphone can backup data. Another example would be to power on the diskstation to store a Home Assistant Backup and afterwards power it off again. Also it would be nice if I could turn it off with my good night-Switch next to my bed. I achieved this by controlling the Diskstation via Home Assistant. This article describes the configuration steps, necessary for this.